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Pre-Project Project Implementation Performance Enhancement


Services Offered

Investment Opportunity Services
These services are aimed at evaluating options available for investment. Constituting facets are choice of country, industry sectors, make or buy decisions etc.. The final output recommends whether to invest, and if so in what, where and how much. Country scanning, M&A facilitation, Risk assessment are typical services carried out under this banner.    Top

Strategic Location Studies
Our specialists identify location(s) (for clinkerisation, grinding and packing), capacities, product mixes and output distribution for setting up greenfield production units. The study integrates raw material information, site characteristics, logistics, investment incentives, input costs, risk profiles and research- derived market considerations to arrive at an optimal decision.

Raw Material Identification Studies
Our geologists, armed with a diverse knowledge of deposit characteristics, availability status and site conditions assist customers in narrowing down a wide span search, to a single deposit.Our strength is our extensive database and our rich analytical experience in India and abroad.

Geological Investigation
With multi-country experience in conducting and supervising raw material prospecting campaigns, our geologists go a step further. They use the world’s most advanced computer-based tools to ensure that the data collected through a prospecting campaign is translated, after detailed analysis into evaluative, decision-making information which provides complete deposit transparency. 

Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies
These studies establish the technical feasibility and the financial viability of the project covering all aspects required to be investigated by project entrepreneurs and financial institutions for project appraisal.Concentrated scrutiny of marketing issues is our main strong point.

Environmental Studies
An essential requirement in obtaining environmental clearance for the project, these studies assess the likely impact of the project on all relevant environmental components (EIA) and propose a plan (EMP) to mitigate adverse impacts.

Statutory Mining Plan Preparation
Compulsorily required for obtaining a Mining Lease, our mining specialists develop an action-oriented mining plan which conforms to the guidelines laid down by the Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM), for performing mining activities and environment management.

Computer Aided Deposit Evaluation
Armed with the most powerful software for deposit evaluation, this service, apart from providing an unchallenged deposit transparency, additionally assists customers in minimising drilling costs, optimising deposit exploitation, determining corrective compositions, conserving fuel, homogenising product quality and, most importantly, extending deposit life.

Geo-Technical Investigations
Our experts conduct geo-technical investigations at project sites in order to accurately assess the safe bearing capacity and dynamic properties of soil which is imperative in the economic and safe design of foundations and structures.

Hydrological Investigations
These investigations assist our customers in identifying reliable and economical sources of water. The investigations involve hydrogeological studies and electrical Restivity surveys which are used by our experts in formulating a comprehensive plan for the long term supply of water.

Information System Formulation Services
The orientation is towards using Information Technology as a strategic lever for enhancing competitive advantage. It aims at identifying information needs and translating these into decision-facilitating outputs, with the explicit purpose of enhancing company performance. The methodology includes acceptability-generating workshops, personalised data collection, detailed analysis and the use of contemporary software tools; integratively geared to guarantee implementation, sustenance and objectivity.

Corporate Planning Services
A global corporate planning exercise that integrates all management functions synergistically to determine future directions for the evolving organisation. This involves organisation and environmental scanning to identify opportunities and threats, shortlist future options and interactively arrive at an optimal, multi-functional business plan. 

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